September 2022 - "Gold-In You San Francisco" fashion film wins Best Film on Women Award at the Milan Arthouse Film Fest for Summer 2022!
JUNE 2021: The 2021 LA Experimental Film Forum Festival gives Honorable Mention to the fashion film "Gold-In You San Francisco" for its “vision and the film’s unique contribution to cinema.”

Gold-In You San Francisco
An attempt to find childlike Bliss through Play, makes some gorgeous Beings forget It Is All-Ways Here. 
“Gold-In You San Francisco” is a first time collaboration between myself and Fashion Designer-Painter Mariya Milovidova. Both Mariya and I co-painted a few of the on screen fashion designs. We both are also the wardrobe stylists for this piece. AboveGrey Pictures’ Producer-Director Michael Axtell doubles as Producer and Camera Operator. This film honors both the effort to create and contribute to the fine arts and fashion industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the cast and crew call home.
A poem I wrote for the film, voiced by Laura Hedli.
“Gold-In You San Francisco”
Crescents of warm light had fully crossed,
Bringing a youthful drop of water,
who no fog saw come from the sky,
waited to well from the bottom Up,
and patiently skipping thrice eleven,
traveled through to the crown.
She let her Self in,
A butterfly of wings covering the throne,
that would awaken the eye,
to the very nature of the One who sits on It.
Hold my hand through such curtains,
for the only Blindness and Stricken Death on me,
is the cover of Your Dream
for I Am Here,
to Be an ocean of You,
a wave without a shore
to your infinite golden heaven.

Painted dress featured in “Gold-In You San Francisco” sells at West Coast Leather! This is the sleek faux leather vegan wear design that Mariya Milovidova and I painted for the fashion film and styled on models with various body types. Congrats also to Mariya who won a patent for her Side-Lacing design that allows the dress to be worn from size 0-14! Over black faux leather, we painted monochromatic fog crawling over San Francisco’s sights, like the Coit Tower, the houses of my native Sunset District all along the dress’ curves. I like to call the outfit “Naughty Foggy.” ​​​​​​​

Directed, Written, Edited by Ezra J. Stanley
Executive Producers: Michael Axtell, Mariya Milovidova, Ezra J. Stanley
Fashion by Mariya Milovidova
Additional fashion by Beulah Norrina
Fashion paintings by Mariya Milovidova and Ezra J. Stanley
Director of Photography: Ezra J. Stanley
Camera Operator: Michael Axtell
AC: Laura Hedli
Producers: Michael Axtell, Mariya Milovidova, Ezra J. Stanley
Production Manager: Michael Axtell
Cast (in alphabetical order):
Michael Axtell
Tatiana Bogomolova
Gwen Ch
Amethyst Huang
Svetlana Jilenko Wagner
Mariya Milovidova
Sarah Nessa
Ezra J. Stanley
Vigilant Sutherlin
Stella Yu
HMU: Maria Heredia
Colorist: Ezra J. Stanley

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