Toymail "Pancakes" Commercial - Extended Cut
A genius child uses his cutting edge stuffed animal to respectfully tell his father once and for all how to make a better breakfast.
This is 1 of 3 versions of additional scenes, starring Kylee Gutierrez as Girl. I wrote the additional lines on set and the child actors learned them only minutes before the camera rolled. 
As Writer-Director, with the brilliant Michael Axtell as Producer, I won the Best Commercial Award for Toymail “Pancakes” at the HollyShorts Film Festival “The Cannes of Short Films!” (at Harmony Gold Theater, Hollywood). “Pancakes” had its World Premiere with other Oscar winning and Palm d’Or winning films at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatres August 16th. Congratulations to Cast and Crew!
Production Company: AboveGrey Pictures
Writer, Director: Ezra J. Stanley
Cinematographer: Joe Rivera
Executive Producers: Gauri Nanda, Audry Hill
Producer: Michael Axtell, Ezra J. Stanley
Production Designer: Azalea Stanley
Editor: Ezra J. Stanley
"Munchkin": Ryder Lee,   Father: Philippe Lee,   Aunt Barbara: Joanne Streit,
Jonathan: Ty Blair,   Manicurist: Alice Arikawa,   Hairstylist: Angela Hernandez
Lady 2: Mari Kearney,  Girl: Kylee Gutierrez

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