News Break Nation
News Break Nation
22 x 28 in. Acrylic on Canvas. 2021.
It felt like it took oceans of blood, hide-breaking sweat, and screaming tears for centuries in an attempt to make this whole thing nice. Now every stabbing angle in this brutal creation can spin the mind on a portable device. And because it can be addictively consumed as a daily vice, I would say it’s most definitely for sale for a horrific price.

Artist Statement
And it was during the height of the pandemic and the anger of Left vs Right, Blue vs Red, and battles of “freedom” ideologies that matched with political party colors, and their wars in the streets, and an acute growing addiction that many, including myself, had to our phones while on lockdown and all the nations seeming to have this addiction from reading “The News” on our digital pads and screens about any emergent health “news” concerning this scary disease real or unreal. And in this terrible habit, the collection of every media platform that serendipitously hijacked our addiction and pumped it with incendiary political and economic ideologies. And I dare not think I was the only one addicted to immediately looking at my phone for “The News” upon waking. And one lockdown morning, before I even opened my eyes, my thirsty brain already cued for “The News,” flashed an image of slices of red and blue stabbing into each other, thick bloody red slicing along bloody blue, and bloody blue stabbing right back, the two factions angling at each other for some intangible unpromised power. And I was forced to get this tearful obfuscation out of my head and onto a canvas, these colored stabbing slices, angling at each other most of the time, and cozying up next to each other some of the time, yet no two similar colors would ever touch, further illustrating a thin red or thin blue line of division. And I liked that when I was done, I could see it was a visual version of reading left to right, with our supposed smart phones and our supposed smart pads where we mostly get our “News” and our dopamine eyes moving across injured dreamers, hacking and gunning for the largest piece of a historically bloody American pie.

           - Ezra J Stanley

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