now we are That together, Together we are that Now
24″ x 36″. Oil on canvas. 
Private gift. Family collection.
My brother’s\friend’s new family is depicted in an early morning walk up San Francisco’s Bernal Hill, as the sun explodes the dusk sky bringing a radiance of a new day of Divine Now-ness, all in forced perspective. Between the awestruck newlyweds, their baby, who I have aged to her early kid years, swings over the array of plush wild California poppies.
Through a practice of meditation and self-enquiry, I continue to surprise mySelf or at least my brain continues to surprise the Self with more dimensions of Play, one notably is painting as another 2D medium. Summer 2014 to Winter 2015, I taught mySelf how to oil paint with this piece, sometimes pulling 18 hour a day sessions blasting deep house, neo disco and classical (I opted to do this instead of a fourth Burning Man). I’m patiently curious to see how long this Happening happens. This is my first large canvas and my first oil painting and gift. Presented to the family at the child’s first year of life with a letter and wall label for installation.

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