Thriller vs Deadmau5 "Alone With You" or A Lesson In Video Sculpture - Lesson 1
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Played with Thievery Corporation in Washington DC! @ The Yards, February 20 & 21, 2015. SOLD OUT CONCERT! Read about it in THE WASHINGTON POST!
Laser Cat Art projector and “Thriller vs Deadmau5 ‘Alone With You'” show as a large scale block party in Williamsburg Nov 20th 7-9pm 2015!
Blasted through Laser Cat on buildings and at the New World Center in Miami at  the 2014 ADC Arts and Crafts Awards Night.
Video Art experimenting with matching individual syncopated rhythms (Deadmau5′s "Alone With You"), fear manipulation, successive image animation, eye and ear acuity, non-narrative and narrative play, and a redesign of dance choreography through a well known music video (Michael Jackson's "Thriller" 1983). During the rapid cutting sequences the eyes should remain relaxed and non-blinking as to not insert one's own hundredth millisecond black frame, thus missing the successive image experience. Full moon meditation gazing and eye strengthening exercises help. A four month project, this video piece contains around 1000 hand selected cuts! Rapid sequences that appear as 'copy and paste' repetition have been uniquely designed from starting frame to ending frame, as a marble sculptor would carefully select starting and ending chisel points. Scenes in the beginning of the piece use several layers of the same image, and have been cropped at different angles to achieve an effect. As a sculptor working with clay would add layers for an expanding three dimensional piece, this layering of the same image is envisioned as a vertical dimension of sculpting, compared to the horizontal progressional sculpting of narrative which is also occurring. Released during Halloween 2012.

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