Responsible for the stage and program overflow of the evening. Professional voice over announcer. Coordinate lighting, sound, scenery and rigging with technicians and directors. Oversee dress rehearsals. Schedule crew and facility requirements. Script MC’s dialogue, cue lights, sound, video. Create snazzy film for a teaser trailer of the evening. Shoot, edit, and premiere “Making of” film. MC’s include two-time Emmy award winning sports reporter Raj Mathai. Artists include: Raghava, Naach, Gregangelo’s Velocity Circus (Cirque du Soleil dancers), Special guests: Bollywood Superstar Shilpa Shetty, Ann Getty and others. Event raised over a million dollars in one night. $500 ticket price.
The United Nations - American India Foundation commissioned me to make this behind the scenes film of Anthropomorphism, a collaboration of Raghava KK’s paintings and Velocity Circus with Cirque Du Soleil dancers for the 2005 UN-AIF “Bowties & Bangles” benefit concert. I was also the technical director of the concert at the San Jose Convention Center. The film premiered during the concert.
Photos courtesy of Wing Hon Films

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