Michael Axtell wrote and directed and helped shoot this. I did the voice over yes, but I also cut, colored, shot, and did film history consultation, and was hired to be that cowboy mascot in the end there! Golly jeepers, ain’t that a little too swell! We were tasked to come Up with a styley film commercial that features the development and chaos of contemporary San Francisco. Using our knowledge of film history like the Frank Capra’s Why We Fight series, the old News Reels, and the modern and contemporary City Symphonies, we created a piece that would feature San Francisco as a growing city and with its growing issues. We also needed to include what we hold sacred as San Franciscans: true community solutions from its Citizens, Urban Developers and Filmmakers. As natives of San Francisco, we are heavily involved with the community and want to guide its direction to arts and a culture of connection. We knew where to shoot real arty San Francisco scenes too!
Native San Francisco Son Michael Axtell: Writer, Director, Camera Assistant
Native San Francisco Son Ezra J Stanley: Cut, Color, Camera, Voice Over, Film History Consultant
Executive Producer: Fay Darmawi, San Francisco Urban Film Fest

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