Live in a city or small town? If a natural disaster were to hit, you’d probably have food to survive until the city services and stores opened up again. What if that natural disaster hit day after day after day? How would you feed yourself after the grocery stores were raided, and you ran out of canned food? Now the few wild animals, pigeons, coyotes have been hunted, dare I say…even your pets started looking appetizing. What if that natural disaster continued for years? What if this is happening now?! This is Climate Change and there’s a reason why it’s moving from buzz word to normal conversation.
I am co-producing a beautiful film set in Mali, Africa directed by Michael Axtell called “Nyogon: together”. The film follows a farmer using a groundbreaking plant-breeding model to save his village from hunger and the scourge of climate change. What if this model can also help avoid a worldwide food crisis?
We have officially launched the Seed&Spark campaign funder! Interested in learning how to feed yourself on a planet that is quickly running out of resources? Check out our movie campaign.
Live, Life, Love…Together “Nyogon: together” at Seed & Spark! 

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